Powder Coating

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products. The powder coating process uses a solvent free, dry mix of plastic resins, pigments and fillers that are electrostatically charged in a spray gun. The pigments and fillers are sprayed onto the surface of the piece that is being coated. The electrostatic charge holds the powder particles in place while the part is cured in an oven. The heat of the oven causes a chemical reaction to occur and the powder to cure, creating a highly durable finish. Powder coating provides a variety of benefits, such as durability and corrosion resistance. Applying powder coating to your parts and other products will protect them from wear and tear, making them last for a long time!


Need a powder coating company in Wisconsin? Turn to Nyhus Enterprises. We have a manual powder coat line with a continuous track that begins with a 2-stage phosphate wash.  We can accommodate parts up to 7’x7’x24’.

Nyhus Enterprises offers a variety of pretreatment options for powder coating. We provide the finest finishes by using high quality preparation methods and the best powder coatings and paints available. Our pretreatment options include:

  • Phosphate Wash
  • Blasting
  • 11 Stage Pre-treatment
  • 4 Stage E-coat
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Part size – 2’6”x4’3”x8’6” L

For more information about our powder coating services and our powder coating pretreatment process, contact us today!